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1. Plagiarism check:

1.1. CopySpider: (website)

1.2. TurnItIn: (website)

2. Chemometrics:

2.1. Design of experiments (DOE): (link)

2.2. Data preprocessing: (link)

2.3. Principal component analysis (PCA): (link)

2.4. Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS): (link)

2.5. Multivariate curve resolution - alternating least squares (MCR-ALS): (link)

3. Petroleomics:

3.1. Source Rocks and hydrocarbon generation: (link)

4. Metabolomics:

4.1. Protein precipitation for GC-based methods: (link)

5. Sample preparation:

5.1. Fully automated micro SPE for GC-MS analyses: (link)

5.2. Vacuum-assisted sorbent extraction: (link)

6. Instrumentation:

6.1. GC and GC-MS Training video course: (link)

6.2. History of the Q Exactive GC: (link)

6.3. Illustration of the Q Exactive Instrument: (link)

6.4. Understand the types of acquisition modes of the Q Exactive HRAM-MS/MS instrument: (link)

6.5. Charged aerosol detection: (link)

6.6. LC-based multidimensional separations: (link)

7. Check our group's content and presentations:

7.1. Flow-modulated GCxGC analyses of alcoholic beverages and chemometric classification: (link)

7.2. First impressions on the Fourier transform Orbitrap GC for targeted and untargeted petroleomics: (link)

8. GC and GC-MS training (quick references):

8.1. Installing a column to the GC inlet: (video)

8.2. Installing a column to the MS transferline: (video)

8.3. Replacing GC modules: (inlets) (detectors)

8.4. GC Inlet maintenance: (liner/septum) (base seal)

8.5. GC-MS leak check: (GC check) (MS check)

8.6. Cleaning the ion source: (videlo)

8.7. Qualitative processing using Xcalibur (Qual Browser, Qual Analysis, and Qual XReport)

8.8. Quantitative processing using Xcalibur (Quan Browser, Quan Analysis, and Quan XReport)

8.9. Column conditioning and baseline drift (column bleed): (video) (link)

9. Databases and tools:

9.1. GC chromatogram library: (link)

9.2. LC chromatogram library: (link)

9.3. LC Column selectivity database (Hydrophobic Subtraction Model): (link)

9.4. LC chromatogram simulator: (link)

9.5. LC troubleshooting bible: (link)

10. Books:

10.1. Quimiometria (link)

10.2. The Essence of Chromatography (link)

10.3. Basic Gas Chromatography (link)

10.4. Modern Practice of Gas Chromatography (link)

10.5. The Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for Gas Chromatographers (link)

10.6. Modern HPLC for Practicing Scientists (link)

10.7. Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography (link)

10.8. Troubleshooting LC systems (link)

10.9. Introduction to Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Applications and Strategies for Data Interpretation (link)

10.10. Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications (link)

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