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Leandro Wang Hantao

  • Current Positions:

  • Assistant Professor, UNICAMP (Since May-2017).

  • Research Assistant Professor, The University of Toledo (Since Oct-2021).

  • CNPq Research Fellow (Category 2) (Since 2019).

  • Sample Preparation Task Force and Network, Division of Analytical Chemistry of the European Chemical Society (Since 2020).

  • National Institute of Science and Technology in Bioanalytics (INCTBio) (Since 2020).

  • Brazilian Water Research Center (Since 2020).

  • Academic Editor, Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry.

  • Associate Editor, Brazilian Journal of Analytical Chemistry.

  • Guest Editor, Frontiers in Chemistry.

  • Guest Editor, Journal of Chromatography A.


  • Researcher, CNPEM (2015-2017).

  • Visiting Scholar, University of Toledo (2013-2014).

  • Ph.D., UNICAMP (2011-2014).

  • M.Sc., UNICAMP (2009-2011).

  • B.Sc., UNICAMP (2005-2009).

I was very lucky to find exceptional friends and mentors early in my career. My Ph.D. thesis described the development of plant-based metabolomics for diagnosing diseases in plants using mass spectrometry-based techniques (GCxGC-MS and LC-MS), under the mentorship of Prof. Fabio Augusto. Later on, I spend some time as a visiting scholar to research on ionic liquid chemistry under the guidance of Prof. Jared Anderson. For a brief period, I also worked with Prof. Ronei Poppi to model high-order chromatographic data using chemometric tools.

You can find out more about me on my LattesORCID, or BV-FAPESP.


2019. The John Phillips Award (ISCC & GCxGC). (link)

2019. Young Researcher Award (BrJAC).

2018. Top 40 under 40 (The Analytical Scientist). (link)


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