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We specialize on the investigation of small organic molecules from complex matrices. Hence, we are always looking for interesting mixtures to characterize.

To accomplish this goal, we develop fundamental research on sample preparation methods and analytical instrumentation. These solutions are used to solve complex investigations in multidisciplinary studies.

Available content:

  • Untargeted and targeted petroleomics using GC-HRAM-MS (link)

  • Classification of alcoholic beverages by FM-GCxGC and chemometrics (link)

  • The role of volatiles in the diagnosis of diseases in plants (link)


1. Sample preparation: static headspace sampling (HS), purge and trap sampling (P&T), thermal dessorption (TD), vacuum assisted sorbent sampling (see VASE), and solid-phase microextraction (SPME).

2. Conventional and multidimensional gas chromatography (heart-cutting and comprehensive).

3. Conventional and column switching liquid chromatography.

4. Basic mass spectrometry.

5. Chemometric processing of GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, LC-MS and HRAM-MS data (in collaboration with Prof. Poppi).

6. Application of ionic liquid-based sorbent phases for sample preparation and gas chromatography in collaboration with Prof. Anderson.

7. Development of microfluidic devices (in collaboration with Prof. Fracassi and Prof. Jesus)


1. Petroleum chemistry: sample preparation for the analysis of organic compounds in crude oils. Characterization (untargeted and targeted) of crude oils for flow assurance and organic geochemistry investigations. Investigation of water-oil emulsions and their stability. Isolation and characterization of acidic, basic and interfacially active organic compounds in water-oil emulsions.

2. Water analysis: analysis of water produced in oil exploration. Investigation of disinfection byproducts in water treatment (in collaboration with Prof. Montagner).

3. Food processing, food technology (in collaboration with Prof. Godoy and Prof. Efraim), and food analysis.

4. Essential oil production and analysis (in collaboration with Prof. Ortiz).

5. Plant metabolomics (in collaboration with Prof. Sayawa).

6. Forensic analysis: off- and on-shore oil spill investigations (in collaboration with Prof. Santos).

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